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i-CyberWise is a security awareness program offering by Graystone International Pte Ltd .


With numerous cybersecurity awareness programs in the industry, what sets us apart is our dedication to provide personalized, localized support instead of turnkey products and training programs.


The i-CyberWise modules and campaigns are built around the belief that every successful cybersecurity awareness and learning program requires three things to be successful:

  • Positive Reinforcement

  • Continuous Learning Process

  • Measurable Learning Path


To meet these goals, our programs follow the three golden rules. They are




VISIBLE - The messages and instructions on physical artefacts provided in our programs offer users gentle reminders of being more cyber secure as they go about their daily tasks. Good security habits can be cultivated when small reminders are commonplace, e.g. on the wall or on a mousepad or on screensavers.

SUSTAINABLE - The programs that we offer allow you to provide a continuous, repeatable cybersecurity education for your company with minimal effort. Our cybersecurity consultants will work with you to identify the weak areas in your company, choose the learning modules necessary and implement them as per your company’s needs. 


MEASURABLE - The e-learning modules offer short quizzes that test your employees’ knowledge and awareness about infosecurity, and allow you to gauge which areas need fortification. Our simulated phishing attacks can be run periodically or randomly to measure and reinforce learnt concepts.


The experts at i-CyberWise have ten years’ worth of experience in the cybersecurity industry and have the required experience and expertise to help you out. With our solutions tailored to your enterprise needs, you can enjoy a safer, more secure working environment where there is minimal chance of your assets being stolen right under your nose.


Reach out to our experts today at +65-9857-5751 or drop us an email at to discuss your cybersecurity needs.

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