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Test if your users are vulnerable to phishing attacks.


Visible and Quantifiable Cybersecurity Improvements

Regular phishing simulations condition users to practice safer cyber habits and provides you with quantifiable results that allow you to make directed improvements. 

Behavioural Conditioning and Improved Training Retention

Learning and understanding are not the same as practising. To be cybersecurity conscious is a habit that needs to be cultivated through regular experience in a safe environment.  

Reduced Training Costs and Training Fatigue

You can identify vulnerable users that are more susceptible to social engineering attacks, and provide them with the needed training without adding burden to the rest of the company.


We do NOT just give you the tool. 


We will MANAGE it for you. 


Before we launch any scheduled phishing simulations, we send you a confirmation email, for your approval again. Just reschedule it if you think it is not a good time.  

Would your employees fall for a phishing attack?

Test it for FREE!

Contact us to qualify for a non-obligatory free phishing simulation.

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