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Did you know that your company is more likely to be a victim of a phishing scam than a dedicated attack? Did you also know that phishing emails and hacks are directed to the one resource that you may not have considered as a potential vulnerability? The people.


Once a single of your employees is compromised by a phishing email, your company stands to lose its most precious assets—data. And no matter how many safeguards you have in place, as long as there is an employee unaware about the cyber dangers, you will remain vulnerable.


Improve the capabilities of your teams by engaging them in security awareness training programs.


to Cybersecurity Awareness and Education

Learn by doing. Condition your users to practice safe cyber behaviour by proactively phishing your own users.


We understand that each company is different, with varying driving factors and cybersecurity awareness. We will first perform a phishing simulation to assess how vulnerable your company is to phishing attacks. Then we will work with you one-on-one to customise the program as needed, in order to deliver the results you require.  



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Cybersecurity Education Online
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