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How to Make the Most of Your Cybersecurity Program?

You can always have a cybersecurity awareness training program, but if you have one only for show, i.e., it’s not delivering what it promises to, then you’re wasting both money and time of your employees. And yes, any aspect of ‘cyber raining’ may seem to be dreadfully boring, but if you have the right training that is personalized and centers on your specific industry and company type, you might just hit the nail on the head and have your employees fully understand the threat in the cyber world. They may also implement security measures and offer some great input themselves, instead of making fun of it as just a passing fad.

Tell It Like It Is

Cyber security is no small aspect. It is the very framework on which the most important assets of your business are protected. And if you want to impress its importance on your employees, do just that. Tell them. When they realize that someone up in the ranks takes cyber security seriously, they would, too. Share instances of ransomware and malware attacks or statistics in company-wide emails so that you can reinforce the magnitude of the dangers online.

The most dreadful aspect of a cyber threat is that it isn’t a physical event. You won’t have robbers raid the place and steal assets on gunpoint, which effectively instills fear in the hearts of the employees, driving them to take security measures. On the contrary, in a cyber attack you lose a bulk of your assets without even knowing about it. Many businesses take days before they figure out that they have been attacked.


Did You Know?

The average time it takes for businesses to detect a network breach is 146 days.


Don’t Fear the T Word

Training. Yes. Hours spent on something that is not strictly work or even work-related may scrape a little, but if you look at long-term results, this is absolutely worth it. And no, we’re not talking about boring, long-winded presentations with technical jargon that may or may not skim right over your employees’ heads while they count down to when they’ll get back to their offices.

What you need is interactive training. You cannot have the entire workforce in your office suddenly become aware of the mighty dangers lurking in the sea of the internet when they don’t even know how to identify a phishing email (97% of the people can’t). To change that, you need training programs that can help your employees take small, but sure, steps towards cyber security.

Your employees are your company’s biggest assets. And its biggest risks. Make sure you invest in them so that they can make a more secure workplace.

iCyberWise is an engaging, interactive cybersecurity training program offering by Graystone International, where we tailor solutions specifically for your business. And if you want to get started right away, how about using these posters by iCyberWise? They’re completely free!

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